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Важно Расширенная статистика для Kunena и не только

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Complete graphic statistics, rankings and reports for Kunena

Вашему вниманию - возможность расширенной статистики для целого ряда компонентов Joomla; и для kunena - в том числе.

Content Statistics for Kunena goes beyond the simple "number of hits" feature, which is a total count and does not tell you the evolution of your items. With this plugin, you can extend this functionality by adding the "time" variable to the Kunena simple statistics info: how many users saw this topic in last hour? and in last day? and in the month of October? which are the top topics in a specific category? what are the most visualized user profiles? what are the most thanked posters within the last 2 weeks? How did this topic evolved last week? What is people discussing in your forum NOW? and yesterday

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