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Вопрос JCal Pro. Календарь и менеджер событий для Joomla

6 года 10 мес. назад - 6 года 10 мес. назад #1 от Aleksej
Aleksej создал эту тему: JCal Pro. Календарь и менеджер событий для Joomla

Возможно, владельцам корпоративных web-сайтов на Joomla понравится и пригодится JCal Pro — календарь и менеджер событий.

Исправлен ряд ошибок, связанных с редактированием событий на ряде MySQL-серверов, а также с настройками экспорта в «iCal». Среди новых функций «JCal Pro» — антиспам-система на основе «reCaptcha». Внесен ряд изменений в модуль «Flex» и темы категории «Premium».

Приобрести подписку на «JCal Pro», а также темы для него можно на сайте разработчика . Стоимость годовой подписки, на 11.01.10, составляет 75 долларов.

JCal Pro Features:
  • Multiple calendar support
  • Personal calendar support with Public (read-only) and private events
  • Massive performance boost ... 300 % !!!
  • Native multilingual support using Joomfish
  • AJAX-enabled browsing of the calendar
  • SEF URLs (works best with sh404SEF)
  • Robust recurring event support allowing events to recurr on the "3rd Monday of the month" (for example)
  • Support for recurring event exceptions to exclude a recurring event from appearing on a given date
  • Powerful and flexible content plugin to embed events in articles
  • Event import from JCal Pro 1.5 (for Joomla 1.5) including risk-free upgrade process
  • RSS event feeds
  • Mini-calendar mouseover event summaries
  • Event-copy function added to the backend event manager
  • Backend event management including the publish and unpublish actions
  • Native Joomla! permissioning for categories and their associated events
  • W3C valid XHTML (Transitional) and CSS
  • Event search via the standard Joomla! search function (using a search plugin)
  • Support for the native cloakmail plugin to protect e-mail addresses from e-mail harvestors
  • Support for multiple instances of the Latest Event and Mini-calendar modules
  • Ability to specify a category or categories in the Latest Events display
  • Flexible support for custom ItemIDs in the Minical and Latest Event Modules

Additional Features:
  • Native Joomla! permissioning for event creation/management
  • WYSIWYG event descriptions using the Joomla! editing mambot of your choice
  • Administrative theme installation and management using the familiar Joomla! installer
  • Event scheduling on a 'per-minute' basis (as opposed to 'per 15-minutes')
  • Newly designed and tabbed administrative back-end for easy component configuration
  • Latest Events module for event listing...now works with recurring and all-day event
  • Recognizes default Joomla! language settings and applies translation to the calendar if available.
  • Mini-calendar module for a small calendar to fit in a standard module position
  • Administrative event aproval with e-mail notification
  • Back-end management/publishing of event categories
  • Ranged, recurrent and all-day event support
  • Multiple views for calendar including monthly, weekly, daily and category
  • E-mail support for SMTP, PHP Mail, Sendmail and Qmail
  • Highly customizeable event display
  • MySQL 5 compatible
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