Masterpro Nivo Slider (06 фев 2023)

Это форк Vinaora Nivo Slider, пришлось переименовать, в силу требования JED. Даже старую версию качать можно было только с варезных сайтов, нашпигованную троянами. Зачем оно такое, согласитесь.

Вопрос Расширения от JoomlaXi

12 года 1 мес. назад - 12 года 1 мес. назад #1 от Aleksej
Aleksej создал тему: Расширения от JoomlaXi

JoomlaXi предлагает ряд интересных расширений, как free, так и коммерческих.
Подробное описание - на домашней странице проекта.

JoomlaXi works on Open Source Web Based Extensions for Joomla Framework. It is well known for creating innovative software products with the best assured service and support. At present we have developed few popular extensions for Joomla. Moreover all our products are licensed GNU/GPL.Each product has individual automatically build, setup & test process, hence even if a bug is reported it will not survive in future releases. Each product has enhanced functionality, effective and flexible usage and is customized to meet your needs.

JomSocial Profile Type

  • Categorize user into unlimited profile type
  • Categorize Users into unlimited Profiletypes
  • Assign different configuration/ templates/ groups/ avatars to each category
  • Access Control Layer for different rights to each category
  • Set Auto-Approve or Approval by Admin

JomSocial Profile Completeness
  • Grow active users to your network
  • Grow Active Users into Community
  • Make them more effective in community
  • Customize Every Aspect of Completeness
  • Multiple Layouts to fit with any template
  • Blend with any template, customize colors & sizes
JoomlaXi User Search
  • A Dynamic & flexible search engine
  • Human Friendly Search
  • Super Flexible User Search Engine
  • Highly Optimized for a Super Fast Search Results
  • Hide Sensitive Data and Users
  • Addons : Proximity Search, Range Search and many more

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