It's stars versus dust in the Carina Nebula and the stars are winning. More precisely, the energetic light and winds from massive newly formed stars are evaporating and dispersing the dusty stellar nurseries in which they formed. Located in the Carina Nebula and inside a region known informally as Mystic Mountain, these pillars' appearance is dominated by opaque brown dust even though it is composed mostly of clear hydrogen gas. Even though some of the dust pillars look like torches, their ends are not on fire -- rather, they are illuminated by nearby stars. About 7,500 light-years distant, the featured image was taken with the Hubble Space Telescope and highlights an interior region of Carina known as HH1066 which spans nearly a light year. Within a few million years, the stars will likely win out completely and the dust torches will completely evaporate.

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Расскажу сегодня о курьезе с AWS, которому не рассчитываю найти исчерпывающего объяснения. Тем не менее, если у кого-либо из читателей блога появится таковое - буду благодарен за комментарий внизу страницы либо адекватную реплику на форуме.

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Эта занимательная история началась именно в тот момент, когда я в очередной раз зарегистрировал новый аккаунт AWS на номер виртуальной карты Яндекс.Денег.

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Скажите, как бы вы отнеслись, если б я предложил вам представить такую вот ситуацию...

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